The Union Bar

The Union is an adventure never before seen in Northern Europe. It is a private luxury, but anyone who can find the secret door could be a welcomed guest.

You will find no address and no sign but black, locked door. And what is behind that door is eclectic, sophisticated and for those who appreciate a very special place with old world charm and class like they just don't make anymore.

The surface is well behaved but behind the cheerful facade lies hidden scandals and dark secrets ready to be unveiled. Get ready to enter an enchanted place where time stands still.

Get ready to disappear from the world into the velvety darkness and secretive corners - champagne prickling on your tongue.

You can be lucky to find us on Google Maps, otherwise, estimate a Uber trip, take the bus, bycicle or local taxi, you won't be disappointed.

All our prices are listed in Danish krone, but use this converter on your mobile or computer to check the real-time exchange rates. You are always more than welcome to ask the bartender for help.

Welcome to The Union.

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